5 Tips Against Food Waste

Soup in the toilet, lukewarm coffee in the sink, or bruised tomatoes in the garbage: we all throw food away from time to time. Every year thousands of kilos of edible food end up in the waste mountain. With these five tips, you can reduce the mountain of waste.

A Fleming throws an average of 29 kilos of food in the garbage every year. This puts us at the top of Europe. But with these five practical tips, you can tackle the waste.

5 Tips Against Food Waste

1. Use by Versus Best Before

So there are two types of expiration dates. Unfortunately, they are often used interchangeably, and the difference is often misunderstood.

On the one hand, there are products with a use-by date, better known as ‘use by’ (use by). This usually concerns more sensitive products that spoil quickly (delicate meats, fish, etc.). It is best not to consume these foods once the date has passed. On the other hand, especially if you have a weaker immune system (the elderly, pregnant women, very young children, …), you should pay attention.

On the other hand, products with a date refer to minimum durability or the so-called ‘best before’ (best before). This statement is generally intended for dry products (flour, biscuits, etc.) or canned food. A best before date on the packaging means that you can still safely consume the product after this date. However, do check that your product does not smell suspicious or look strange.

2. Shop With Reusable Packaging

Only buy what you need and find the right size of packaging. You can also buy your products in bulk and bring your packaging to the store. As a result, you only buy the amount you need. And you have less packaging waste!

3. New Life for Wilted Fruits and Vegetables

Food doesn’t always have to look perfect to be tasty. So that withered apple or that dried-out carrot can still be eaten in various recipes such as compote, soup, or puree.

Cut the rotten pieces off your fruits and vegetables. You can often still use the rest.

4. Well-ordered Fridge

A well-ordered – and clean – refrigerator provides a clear overview of the contents. It is also wise to put the products that expire the fastest at the front so that you can see them immediately. In addition, this also allows better preservation of the food.

5. Donate Food

Donating food is a great initiative. That’s always a good solution when you have one or two servings left of the meal you’ve made. When you give your prepared meals to someone, don’t forget to put a label on it with the following information:

  • The preparation date 
  • The allergens present 
  • The ingredients used 

When it comes to frozen meals, thaw them in the fridge, never on the counter! And don’t forget to mention on the label that it is a thawed product that must not be refrozen.

More tips can be found on our website.

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How to Take Care of the Beard

The bearded man has a special charm, but not everyone knows how to take care of their Beard. Yes, because it needs attention, otherwise, it will become frizzy, dirty, and tend to break in a short time. So if you have or want a Beard, start taking care of it right away.

How to Grow the Beard

Do you have a decision or do you want a nice beard? You must first shave the entire face. This is vital because it will ensure that the Beard grows evenly across the entire face. No matter what cut you want, that will be defined later; now shave, use quality products to not irritate your face, and then wait for the new growth.

How to Take Care of the Beard

How to Grow the Beard Quickly

Everyone has different times for beard growth, but already a week after the last complete shave, this will begin to populate the whole face. From this moment, you have to start taking care of your Beard so that it grows thick and strong, and you will have to keep it tidy. Already at this stage, you have to start using Beard Oil. This cosmetic will eliminate itching and skin irritations, which lead many men to abandon the bearded look.

Beard Oil, What It Is for, and How to Use It

Oil is the most essential product for the care and health of your Beard. Its function is to soften it, avoid redness and itching, and strengthen it and stimulate its growth. This cosmetic should be used immediately, as soon as the Beard begins to grow, and should be applied over its entire length, including the mustache, more or less once a day. Choose a quality product, like the one your trusted Barber uses.

A Professional Beard Oil, to Be Also Used at Home

If you are careful, your Barber does not use the products you find at bargain prices at the supermarket but only has professional cosmetics in his salon. So, even you are at home, use the same products. Among the most used in Barber Shops, there are undoubtedly the cosmetics for the Beard of Fondonatura; this Italian company produces cosmetics for the care and beauty of the Beard and shaving and hair products, using only the use of only shaving and hair products natural ingredients, for products of the highest quality.

Fondonatura Moisturizing Beard Oil

Fondonatura Beard Moisturizing Oil is made only with natural ingredients, easily absorbed by the skin and Beard, which will immediately become soft and shiny. The nutrients that compose it will strengthen your Beard, promote growth, and prevent it from breaking and ruining under the attacks of the polluting factors that affect it. It is a very high-quality product, appreciated by the best professionals, which you can use every day at home. Take advantage of the discounts that Capellissimo applies, which is an Authorized Reseller and Online Fondonatura Shop. Click on the image and buy the product; you will receive it at home in 24/48 hours.

The Beard Cut, Choose the One That Suits You Best

Now that your Beard begins to grow, you can choose the cut that best suits your characteristics. Evaluate the growth, and decide whether to opt for long cuts or not or if your Beard is not thick, look for different solutions to avoid highlighting this problem. Your Barber will surely be able to advise you objectively.

How to Take Care of the Beard

In order for your Beard to look beautiful, you will need to take care of it constantly. You will need to shorten it in certain areas from time to time because it won’t grow evenly. The Beard is an extension of the facial features, so avoid patches of bush and poorer areas. You can do this with scissors, a razor or, you could go to the barbershop from time to time.

Beard Cleaning Tips

Are you satisfied with your new bearded look? But remember that your Beard is a magnet for debris and pollutants, and for this reason, it needs constant cleaning. A dirty beard, as well as being unhygienic and bad-smelling, will lose strength and vitality. Also, in this case, use a specific product suitable for your Beard. Hair Shampoo is good (if quality) only in the first weeks of growth; when you have already developed a beard, you need to use a specific cosmetic.

How to Use Shaving Shampoo

Hair Shampoo is very different from Beard Shampoo, they have different compositions, and it’s not just a marketing gimmick. The Beard has other needs than the hair, so choose a specific and quality product. Washing should only be done once a week or every other day.

Avoid washing your Beard every day; even the best product will be ineffective. In addition to cleansing, this cosmetic will provide nutrients to your Beard so that its growth is constant and strong. So, in addition to a hygienic function, the Shampoo will give more vigor to your beloved Beard.

Fondonatura Beard Shampoo

Beyond the Oil, Fondonatura always makes with natural ingredients a fantastic Shaving Shampoo. This cosmetic cleanses and moisturizes, thanks to the action of hyaluronic acid. From the first washings, your Beard will be more vigorous and fragrant. The Fondonatura Beard Shampoo, you can buy it from the Capellissimo Online Shop, which is an Authorized Fondonatura Reseller. To buy, click on the image.

Barber Kit Fondonatura, Shampoo, and Beard Oil

The Barber Kit Fondonatura is perfect for a gift. Inside you will find the Shampoo and Beard Oil in a smaller format. The first of 100ml, the second of 50ml. It is also a great offer to start trying these products, made with natural ingredients.

Shop Online Fondonatura, Capellissimo authorized dealer

The Capellissimo site is an Online Shop authorized by Fondonatura. In addition to the products for the Beard, you will find those for shaving with The Shaving Cream, which will facilitate the sliding of the razor and leave your skin soft and hydrated. To this, you can also add After Shave, Ice Sensation, or Anti Age.

In addition, Fondonatura also has specific hair products, such as anti-dandruff or anti-hair loss, and Shampoo – Shower for those who do sports, and creams and gels, to define your haircut. These products are among the most used by the best barbers for the excellent quality they offer.

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What Is Cold Air Fan?

Despite the name, a cold air fan is not like an AC that generates cold air and thus reduces the air taemperature. Instead, most fans use the air around them to create a cooling effect through airflow. However, there are some tricks for still cooling the air that is blown around the room.

The most straightforward tip is to place the fan near an open window. In this way, the fan “borrows” the air from outside and blows it into the room. With a traditional table fan, you can also place a cooled object, such as a bowl of cold water or ice, in front of the jet so that the fan spreads the cooled air around the object around the room.

What Is Cold Air Fan?

Why a Fan?

You may not be completely convinced why a fan is such a good idea, but let’s try to convince you for the following three reasons:

  • Fans are a flexible cooling alternative that can easily blend into the surroundings
  • Fans are also much cheaper than the cost of installing and operating air conditioning
  • Fans are also more flexible than portable ACs and move easily around the home

If you are still looking for a more advanced alternative that can cool down larger spaces, an air conditioning system may be preferable.

Can I Angle the Airflow?

Some models of fans are best in the test you can angle the airflow on. This is done by simply angling the fan head. If you want, you can lock the fan head in the angled position.

There are also oscillating fans where you do not have the ability to angle the airflow up and down. Instead, you can lock the fan in a position from left to right, even if the airflow itself radiates straight ahead from that position. What you can do with your fan depends entirely on how advanced the model is.

Are There Hours?

Some fans offer different speeds and timers. With the sleeping hours that Dyson, for example, offers, you can set the fan to stop blowing between anywhere from 15 minutes to nine hours. This is an appreciated feature for those who want to fall asleep in a cooled room but do not want the fan to pull energy and electricity all night.

Heat and Cold

In this guide, we have a fan that offers both hot and cold air. It gives the fan a larger area of ​​use and allows you to take advantage of the fan all year round. Instead of wasting an unnecessary amount of energy on an air conditioning system, a fan can be a flexible and affordable alternative to replacing one.

Different Kinds of Fans?

In essence, it can be said that there are four different types of fans. Below we list these four to hopefully be able to provide some clarity in the different types.

Floor Fan

A floor fan is precisely what it sounds like: A fan that stands on the floor. This means that a floor fan more often gives a broader and stronger airflow than other fans, precisely because they are generally larger. Floor fans often come with height adjustment, which makes adapting the airflow to a specific space easier.

Leafless Fan

Dyson is the manufacturer best known for its use of bladeless technology in its fans. A bladeless fan is usually quieter than fans with blades and also has a more powerful flow. The bladeless fan is the fan of the future.

Table Fan

Table fans are simply called that precisely because they can stand on desks or similar surfaces without any problems. These fans do not take up much space but are not as efficient as other, larger fans for the same reason.

Tower Fan

Tower fans, also called pillar fans, are smaller home fans or those who want the fan to give a discreet impression. They are called tower fans precisely because they have the shape of a tower. This flexible design makes it easy to fit in smaller spaces. They often have an oscillation control, which means that the airflow is angled from right to left in a sweeping motion.

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