Can You Hunt With a Takedown Recurve Bow?

Yes, you can hunt deer, elk, and other large animals with a takedown recurve bow. Although many hunters today overlook the recurve bow as it was designed back in the 60s, it’s still an excellent bow for deer hunting. Its timeless design and quality are just a delight to shoot.

Can You Hunt With a Takedown Recurve Bow

3 Steps to Getting Hunt With a Takedown Recurve Bow

1. Fix the Brace Height

When you unbox your bow, there will be a set-up guide. From the guide, you will be able to know the recommended brace height of the Best Takedown Recurve Bow for Hunting. It is usually about 8-and a quarter inches, and that’s where you will find it shoot best.

So what you have to do is set the measurement at eight and a quarter. Well, it’s pretty simple to set it. First, unstring the bow and twist it in the direction of the twist by twisting the string. It shortens the string and adds tension to the overall system. Then you add some twists to let this bright heist go up.

It will pull the string tighter, which will pull the bow a little bit more. Therefore, the distance will become a little bit longer. Now you have your brace height. Usually, new strains switch out a little bit, so hunters usually go a bit over eight and a quarter. So, settle it a little over.

2. Adding a Brass Knock

It’s a bit final steps, one being adding a brass knock. But how do you locate brass knock on the string? The way to do it is to get back out your bow square set. Usually, it is situated right on the shelf, so square on the string.

It usually sits on the shelf for the arrow rest. Now all you do is come in off that top edge, and that’s where you’re going to crimp your brass. So have that just kind of eyeball on the string. It will be kind of using crimp pliers.

You’ll kind of set that of mostly on their location. You will not even set this thing permanently just yet. It will be best to shoot it a little bit to move it on the string a little. But this would be a good start, and then once you shut the bow some, you will have it just where you want it.

Then I’ll go back and finalize that location. Now you can move that and will see it’s already shifted. Again shift it up a bit. Slide it right into the position you want it. Finally, you go, so good to go.

3. Add a Custom Quiver

After setting your knock point, now get ready to shoot. But before that, the last final step is adding a custom quiver to your bow. One of the cool things about traditional bows is the inserts on the riser for mounting a quiver. Some people in Montana at Thunder horn manufactures Quivers which are specially designed to go into those inserts.

They can do it custom and do really cool things like putting your Orion logo on your clip. So you can have one done. Then finally, you will get ready to mount some arrows, hit the yard, and start shooting.


So, to hunt with a takedown recurve bow, all you need to do is set the brace height, put the brass string knock, add quiver, and that’s it. You are ready to shoot. Overall, hunting with this traditional bow is very satisfying indeed. You can’t think of a more fun way to spend time in the backyard shooting.

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